On Saturday morning we went to the Federation Sale which was held at their new flagship store on Customs Street, Auckland City. Previous sales were located at their Albany warehouse\office and we were happy the sale was held somewhere central so good on ya Federation!

On entering their store, we saw rows of table piled with Federation clothing and they really maximised there flagship store space. The crowds were manageable and it was easy to move around without any pushing or shoving.
We felt the girls had a better selection of clothing on sale as the men's sale items was regulated to a small back room of their store and the guys range was at the best limited but it may be due to us missing the Friday opening sale.

Prices for all items were $100 and below with Shirts from $70 and tees at $25 so there were bargains to be found. We also noted that items with a red mark on the label were seconds and further discounted so that was a bonus and so were sample items but you had to go hunting.
Great news for Federation customers they have just opened a factory outlet in Takapuna.