The team at MySale went down to Huffer sale today at 35c Surrey Cres Grey Lynn and the sun was out in full effect. Parking was a bit tight around Surrey Cres as the Pasifika 2008 was on down the road in Western Springs. The venue for the Huffer sale was good and the Red Bull Hummer was parked outside blasting the sounds. The Huffer guys and gals always put on a good sale and this was no exception as we picked our way through the piles and racks of clothes from there range. The prices ranged from $35 for singlets and $40 for tees to $120 for outerwear. The girls at Mysale picked up a few funky items but we thought the guys range did not provide much choice as the girls range. One of our lovely crew were wearing a Huffer summer dress and she instantly got a further discount on her sale items for being spotted in Huffer on the day. So it pays to show your love to Huffer when you’re at their sale!

If you came to the sale near the end of the day (5pm) you could get further reductions on the sale item MySale have found. We love HUFFER here at MySale!

Tell us what you thought of the Huffer sale!
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Ok the team at MySale tried to make it down to the Sony Stock clearance sale this weekend Saturday 8th March 2008 on a glorious sunny day but the line was so long even at 11:30am we gave up!. So we apologise we could not bring you any reviews of this sale but if you were there please drop us a line here and tell us what you thought of it.
The sale started at 9am and ended at 1pm which we thought was too short of a time to allow everyone to come down and pickup a bargain. The queue down Nugent St was 100 metres long and the sun was beating down.

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Everybody loves a bargain and here at MySale we love finding sales and informing you off them. Your first port of call should be here at MySale if you want to be informed of sales in your area. So join our mailing list and tell all your friends about us. Word of mouth is still the best way to find a sale and with your help and our hard work we can make MySale your only destination for finding a sale anytime!

In the meantime there are other things you can do outside of MySale to find those sales. The following are tips from our staff here at MySale.
  1. Sign up to MySale newsletter and tell all your friends about it here
  2. Sign up to your favourite retailers online mailing list so they can inform you of their sales and promotions when it happens
  3. Use conventional media such as newspapers, TV Ads and radio
  4. Tell a friend who loves shopping to let you know when they see a sale. Word of mouth and the event of email and TXT have made it so easy and simple to communicate information and spread it like wildfire

You don’t always have to find a sale to get a bargain. Paying by cash is a great way of getting a discount of retail price. Retailers hate credit cards due to the card company’s charges for processing the transaction. Cash is instant gratification and in the hands for the retailers and they love this. Just remember you’re the customer and they want your cash there is no shame in asking for a discount for cash payment or even roping friends into buying the same item and getting a discount for a double sale!

The best time for going to a sale is at the end of the day normally when they’re about to close, (if it’s a one day sale) they will normally slash the items further to get rid of their stock. MySale tip is to go to a sale early in the morning and check stock availability and if there are lots of items in your size or style you desire then your chances are high that it will still be there come closing time. Come back then and 9 times of 10 you can always pick it up cheaper than in the morning.

Always expect crowds at sales so be prepared for queues and always wear something comfortable so that you can easily try on items without much effort

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Have you ever bought an item at a sale and wondered what your rights were when it came to a refund or found the item damaged?

Here at MySale we help you with these questions.

Scenario A: You brought an item on sale as a gift but found out that person already had that item and wanted to get a refund. Are you entitled to take the gift back and get a refund?

Answer: No. Normally, all sales are final and the retailer is under no obligation to provide a refund. You can return a product only if it fails to live up to the guarantees set out in the
Consumer Guarantees Act. If you simply change your mind, then all you can do is tell the supplier and politely ask for your money back. Some retailers will give you a refund, to promote good relations with customers - but this is more than they are legally required to do.

Scenario B: You buy a top at a sale but when you came home you discovered a rip. You take the top back but the shop manager points out there "No refund on sale items" policy. They refuse to give you your money back or replacement top. Can they do this?

Answer:No. Sale items are covered by the
Consumer Guarantees Act in the same way as any other goods (unless you are told of any faults before you buy the goods) and retailers can't contract out of the Act.
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Seen a sale recently when you're out and about? Tell us about it here!
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