Ok the team at MySale tried to make it down to the Sony Stock clearance sale this weekend Saturday 8th March 2008 on a glorious sunny day but the line was so long even at 11:30am we gave up!. So we apologise we could not bring you any reviews of this sale but if you were there please drop us a line here and tell us what you thought of it.
The sale started at 9am and ended at 1pm which we thought was too short of a time to allow everyone to come down and pickup a bargain. The queue down Nugent St was 100 metres long and the sun was beating down.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    We went to the Sony Sale and got there at 9am in the morning and the line was 200 metres long. It took us 2 hours to get in and we had lined up so long we thought it would be a shame to leave. The sun was so hot and there were a lot of unhappy people. The sale was k and we picked up a DVD player but there were lots of people looking and not that many buying