Have you ever bought an item at a sale and wondered what your rights were when it came to a refund or found the item damaged?

Here at MySale we help you with these questions.

Scenario A: You brought an item on sale as a gift but found out that person already had that item and wanted to get a refund. Are you entitled to take the gift back and get a refund?

Answer: No. Normally, all sales are final and the retailer is under no obligation to provide a refund. You can return a product only if it fails to live up to the guarantees set out in the
Consumer Guarantees Act. If you simply change your mind, then all you can do is tell the supplier and politely ask for your money back. Some retailers will give you a refund, to promote good relations with customers - but this is more than they are legally required to do.

Scenario B: You buy a top at a sale but when you came home you discovered a rip. You take the top back but the shop manager points out there "No refund on sale items" policy. They refuse to give you your money back or replacement top. Can they do this?

Answer:No. Sale items are covered by the
Consumer Guarantees Act in the same way as any other goods (unless you are told of any faults before you buy the goods) and retailers can't contract out of the Act.