The team at MySale went down to Huffer sale today at 35c Surrey Cres Grey Lynn and the sun was out in full effect. Parking was a bit tight around Surrey Cres as the Pasifika 2008 was on down the road in Western Springs. The venue for the Huffer sale was good and the Red Bull Hummer was parked outside blasting the sounds. The Huffer guys and gals always put on a good sale and this was no exception as we picked our way through the piles and racks of clothes from there range. The prices ranged from $35 for singlets and $40 for tees to $120 for outerwear. The girls at Mysale picked up a few funky items but we thought the guys range did not provide much choice as the girls range. One of our lovely crew were wearing a Huffer summer dress and she instantly got a further discount on her sale items for being spotted in Huffer on the day. So it pays to show your love to Huffer when you’re at their sale!

If you came to the sale near the end of the day (5pm) you could get further reductions on the sale item MySale have found. We love HUFFER here at MySale!

Tell us what you thought of the Huffer sale!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I went to the Huffer sale and it was wicked - they had heaps of chicks clothing, excellent location and good prices! The staff were friendly as well! Thanks Huffer!